Semicon & OPTO

Semicon & OPTO

Nordson Dage Jade X Ray Inspection Machine


北京快乐81. Applies DAGE VR950 New Technology Open-Transmissive X-ray Tube, 160kV  3W Tube Power

北京快乐82. Provable <0.95 (950nm) Feature Recognition Tube

北京快乐83. Nordson DAGE 1.33Mp @ 10fps Long Lifetime CMOS Flat Panel Detector including Real Time Image Enhancements

4. Built-in AXiS (Active X-ray Image Stabilization) for anti-vibration control.

5. Geometric Magnification 1,400x, System 4,200x

6. Up to 65° Oblique Views without Loss of Magnification best for hard to seen defects

北京快乐87. Handles maximum board size up to 29” x 22.8” (736 x 580mm) within a compact footprint

Jin Bun AOI


1. Customized: meet individual and special function needs
2. High resolution which can judge tiny adverse
3. High sharing capability with changing wafer spec only needed adjust magnification
4. Picture memory: memory front face, back face NG and OK
5. Picture show: can show NG and OK picture on all stations in time
6. Sorting with customized set: can set the NG name and blowing classification
7. SSD Hard disk.: fast machine start time with advanced computer hardware
8. Considerate interface: easy to handle
9. High positioning accuracy : super high resolution ENCODER with no wrong judge 
北京快乐810. Manufacturing statistics show: can show NG statistics in all stations



北京快乐81.  Minimum conversion between devices & carrier tape widths

2.  Handles micro devices down to 0.6x0.3mm

3.  Non-contact device alignment

4.  Vision guided PnP

北京快乐85.  Multiple operation modes

SSP Cover


北京快乐81. Boat Gripper & Step Motorized Feeding System.

北京快乐82. Strip & Cover Plate Picker Gripper & Vacuum Picker.

北京快乐83. Automatic Magazine and Strip Width Conversion for Reduction of Set up time (62mm ù74mm).

4. ID Inspection Vision System for Good/Reject Unit Count & Orientation Detect function.



北京快乐81.   Multiple Magazine Loader (3~6 Magazines)

2.   Automatic Strip Width Conversion (Single & Matrix Boat)

北京快乐83.   Mechanical Pre-alignment by Precise Jig 

北京快乐84.   X- Y -Z Position Control By Servo Motor

5.   Flux Squeegee & Pin Dotting Fluxing

6.   5 Vision Inspection System

(1) PCB PRS Vision (1.4M CCD)

(2) Auto Set-Up (1.4M CCD)

北京快乐8(3) Ball Volume Detect Vision (1.4M CCD)

(4) Ball Tool Inspection Vision (8M CCD) 

北京快乐8(5) Ball Quality Inspection Vision (8M CCD)



1. High resolution of CCD picture scanning system, can correct the material dimension and material inputting direction.
2. Smart scanning function which can solve the no material dispensing and material stuck problems.
3. Dispensing valve with glue needle can correct, clear and inspect the operation.
4. With NSW special accurate and high speed dispenser PP2D, can double the production.
5. Multi-function dispenser mode can improve the LED packaging reliability and performance.
6. Ndisp3 software operation interface will adapt to many kinds of changing production.
北京快乐87. Small Machine size can well save workshop room. 

TTVision F220


1.  High Speed Inspection Head for Higher Throughput

北京快乐82.  Lower Cost $ per unit LED

3.  Faster Return-of-Investment (ROI)

4.  Multi Wires on Multi Dice Inspection for more device configuration

北京快乐85.  Foreign Material Inspection (Optional)

北京快乐86.  Simplified Angle View Setup

北京快乐87.  Simplified Recipe Setup

北京快乐88.  Reinforced Machine Base for Lower Vibration

Nordson DAGE 4000 Optima

4000 Optima

北京快乐81. Fastest and most accurate bond tester

2. Ultimate speed and flexibility

3. Extensive application capability

Nordson DAGE 4000plus


北京快乐81.  High versatile

北京快乐82.  Switch applications in just seconds

北京快乐83.  Increased efficiency

北京快乐84.  Ultimate step back accuracy

5.  Ultimate correlation

6.  Intelligent software

Nordson DAGE 4000


1. Bond test system of DAGE 4000 is used in assembly industry of semiconductor, optical unit and PCB.  Apply to all kinds of test in pull and shear with high accuracy, high repeatability, and high reoccurrence.
2. Easy Rocker control.
3. Motor driver on X,Y work station.
北京快乐84. apply in all kinds of package and test in gold and aluminium wire bonding force in semiconductor as well as the bonding force of COB package, optical, LEB,SMT assembly, original and board.

Nordson March Fastrak


1.  Flexible configuration accommodates the full range of strip dimensions and magazine designs
2.  Advanced robotic handling system minimizes strip handling, pushing, pulling and reduces operator intervention 
3.  New camera-based material tracking provides 100% plasma treatment validation 
4.  High-efficiency, application specific, plasma chamber design offers Direct or Ion Free plasma treatment modes 
北京快乐85.  Significantly smaller system footprint and magazine reuse capability save space and help lower cost of ownership

Nordson March Flextrak-CD


1.  Highly uniform plasma with fast treatment rates
2.  Production-ready strip handling system
3.  Easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface (GUI)
4.  Service components accessible via front pull-out shelves
北京快乐85.  High throughput, small footprint, low cost of ownership

Nordson March AP300/AP600


1.  Touch screen control and graphical user interface give real-time process information
2.  Flexible shelf architecture allows process of a wide variety of piece parts, components or carriers 
3.  13.56MHzRF generator with automatic matching network delivers excellent process repeatability.
北京快乐84.  Convenient facility hook-ups for periodic calibration requirement used in validation process.

Nordson March AP1000


1.  PLC controller with touch screen provides an intuitive graphical interface and real time process representation.
2.  Flexible shelf architecture allows processing of a wide variety of part carriers in either direct or downstream plasma mode.
3.  The 13.56 MHz power supply has automatic impedance matching for unparalleled process reproducibility.
北京快乐84.  Proprietary software control system generates process and production data for statistical process Control.

Nordson March Sphere(WR)


1.  Dual cassette load station to minimize idle time.
2.  Multi-sizes capable aligner with minimal hardware change-over required.
3.  Robust robotic wafer engine.
4.  Integrated wafer recognition for high reliability wafer handling.
5.  Compact design minimize floor space.
6.  Unique kits allow fast change-over between wafer sizes and supports multi-load for smaller wafer sizes.
7.  Highly uniform treatment and fast throughput.

LPKF Laser Cutting


北京快乐81. High quality with low cost

2. Flexible production with no dust

3. High accuracy sugulation of complex graph

北京快乐84. Small covering area and low energy consumption

北京快乐85. Easy operation

Rokko RS8000S


1. Patented design
2. Flexible for all package type-BGA/QFN/LGA/SIP/Flex BGA/Micro SD and other
3. New twin track technology sawing solution, proven at least 50% to 100% UPH improvement vs single track  solution
4. 2x2 package handling capability
5. Latest 3x High speed linear motion with total 18 pickers
6. Live-bug orientation handling
7. Noise level<70 dB
8. Full set of vision reject sorting function

Hitachi FS-1000Ⅲ


1. High accuracy and high resolution
2. High speed batches inspections
3. All kinds of updated software
4. High safety with easy operation

World Engineering Flux Cleaner


1. Simple cleaning process and short drying time
2. Good stability
3. Easy maintenance
4. Low cost of investment

Nutek Loader & Unloader


1.  Sturdy and stable design
2.  User friendly “soft touch” LED membrane control panel
3.  Pneumatic clamps provided for magazine alignment
4.  Pneumatic pusher’s pressure regulated
5.  High throughput with short magazine change-over time
北京快乐86.  SMEMA compatible